Taken from a blog I like:

Voting anxiety is kickin’ in big time. With only a couple days left until the final vote, many are more than ready to make their voices heard – and then head back to life as normal. In an effort to reward those who vote on Nov. 4, Starbucks is pouring free coffee.

Their ad (airing on YouTube and at their website) makes it clear. Come in on Nov. 4th, say, “I voted,” and grab your tall coffee, no money required. It’s a simple gimmick to get people to vote. I think there’s a bit more to it than that, however.

It’s been three long months of listening to my closest friends, clients, and family Twitter and email non-stop about how important my vote is (as long as it’s for their choice of candidate). I’m ready for the vote to take place, and our new Pres to emerge (however disappointed I may possibly be at the results.) This means perhaps we can start getting back to a time when I was less a Party member and more a gal you used to have coffee with.

Starbucks is facilitating a step in the right direction. Free coffee just might get everyone sitting down together, regardless of affiliation. The marketing guys have also figured that a few of us may also buy an over-priced (but delicious) scone, and out of our gratitude for free coffee, we may leave a killer tip.

As with most free promotions, this is about money. Thankfully, it may turn out to be about something more. This promotion runs all day on Nov. 4, at participating Starbucks locations. Get out your vote, pull up a chair next to that voter on the other side of the partisan aisle, and drink one for free.