I know I said that I wasn’t planning on writing anytime soon, but I have had an interesting morning. My dh took the kids out Christmas shopping so I decided I was finally going to clean the kids toys out. They had been scattered on the floor, in laundry baskets and elsewhere for at least a month. Everytime I go into that room to clean or find something I get some anxiety. Not your normal increase in heartrate….I get severe tightness in my chest, a lump in my throat, acid reflux, a headache, and a host of other issues.

This morning was no different. usually I just leave the room and figure I will clean it up another day. Today I decided it all needed to at least be picked up. So, I got a big tub from the basement and started to empty the laundry baskets. The panic got worse…..I needed to leave to medicate, take a drink of water, breathe….. I would go back in a straighten a little more and have to leave again. I really think that I was on the verge of a panic attack. When my first son was born I was a big fan of flylady…one of her things is “Just 15 minutes” so I set my timer and tackled the room. Then I would come out and take a break…then go in again. It all got done…well, it all got stashed in bins at least. 

It was all too much to sort through each toy right now…but I am planning on going back just 15 minutes at a time. I felt like one of those people with the houses and clutter up to there necks. My house is NOWHERE near that, but I could understand how it is all too overwhelming. I have always been a saver. I have a cup from that a guy from middle school drank out of, locks of hair from friends, letters that were passed in school and so much more. I am so sick of all this stuff strangling me. I envy my friends who can throw something away without a blink of an eye. I debate each paper as it goes in the trash.

I know there are others of you like me…and I am so proud that I got the toy room cleaned up. I know that I can defeat my problem and take over my home again…one step at a time. This is part of being a mom – tackling clutter. So, I will be sure to journal my adventures and battles whether good or bad with you on this blog. 

Peter Walsh and the Clean Sweep team, if you are out there you are more than welcome to come help…but I am pretty sure that I will be making this journey on my own.