I just can’t believe that the end of the year is here…Wow- that went by fast.  I spend so much of my time wasted – worrying, regretting things from the past, not taking chances, and dreaming. Don’t get me wrong…Dreaming is a GREAT thing…but you need to act on it. So, my first resolution is to continue to Dream…but to make those Dreams into a reality.

My next resolution has to focus on health. This is an old stand by, but this year I am going to last past day 2. I am committing myself to lasting to day 365. I am committed to eating better, being more active and making my life a more healthy one – not just for myself, but my family. This is going to be a HUGE struggle and I will probably blog about it more often than not, but with support and will I know I can do it!

I’m going to confess that something that I constantly struggle with is having a positive outlook on life. I want to be that happy person who can find the good in everything….but it is a HUGE struggle. Even when I try to be positive, it really comes out negative. This is one more thing I resolve to change!

Stress – Reduction is my next resolution! There are many facets to this. My stress mainly comes from my home…it is where I work, relax, and sleep…but I am constantly stresses. A big part of it is STUFF…everyone in my house has a lot of stuff and sometimes I feel as if it is strangling me. Check out my mini-breakdown in my last post.  So, one part of the stress reduction resolution is de-cluttering and reorganizing the house. The next part of my stress is my lack of organization. Now, I now a lot of my friends are laughing right now – they think i have it all together in this arena. I guess it does look like I do, but I don’t feel like I do. I want to be able to have a list of tasks that need to be accomplished, the papers on the desk filed away and not stuffed in a laundry basket under my desk, and just make things easier to find. This is one of my most important resolutions…I have had chest pains far too often due to Stuff all over and not being able to find the Stuff I need.

These are my three main areas I hope to focus on this year. I have so many mini-goals under each one..but by the end of the year hope to accomplish them all! I am calling January a good START month. I know there will be a lot of trip-ups, reevaluations and falters; but that is all part of the process. 

 I want to try to be the best I can be this year – as a wife, mother, friend, and every other role I fill. It is here where I will start!

Have a great New Years….and have you started thinking about your resolutions?