A friend introduced me to Twitter a while ago…but I never really got into it. Over Christmas break I tried it again when I was following the story of MckMama’s son Stellan and his fight with RSV. I felt moved to pray for this little boy and his mom as they spent the final days of the year in the hospital. the main way that she kept people updated was through Twitter so I found an application that would check on her tweets.

As I explored, I noticed that many of the blogs I frequent have twitter accounts that they update. Its a whole new way to keep track of people as they “micro-blog.” They may update their blog and announce it there or keep you updated on something in your life. 

Some of my favorite people to follow are….

Kadi Prescott– she is a former mom that appeared on Supernanny and is hilarious. I really love her blog http://www.wombattheinnsane.com/

Jessica Turner & Matthew Paul Turner– Great scrapbooking website and just an inspring woman along with her husband

Brandon Hatmaker– A lot of the tweets that Brandon makes are inspiring, his wife is author Jen Hatmaker of whom I was hoping had a twitter account

Fly Lady Kelly – If you follow fly lady you definitely know Kelly…she tweets room rescues, cleaning challenges and all kinds of Fly Lady reminders 

Laura – Posts all kinds of organizing reminders

and all kinds of others you can check out here

If you twitter be sure to follow me!!