You might remember me talking about Stellen in one of my past posts. He is a 5 month old baby that is really a miracle. In the womb, he had a life-threatening heart condition, over Christmas he became really ill with RSV, and in the last week has been in the hospital for the heart condition he had as a fetus. There is something that moves me to feel real emotion for this story.

His mom wrote about him on him blog when he was not even born yet so just a few people would know him. Today thousands of people follow his story. I myself can’t wrap my head around it so I am sure MckMama can’t. Mckmama is also the hostess of Not Me Monday one of my favorite weekly events!

I have prayed a countless number of times for this family in the last week; my heart ached when it really started to get bad. This baby is making such a difference in so many people’s lives….and only at 5 months. I know that I have taken extra time this week playing with my kids, snuggling on the couch, and just getting extra hugs and kisses.

Before Stellan was born Mckmama started a picture gallery highlighting Stellans name. This has been resurrected with his hospital stay. Can you imagine Stellan as an adult looking back on this and understanding the love that surrounded him at that time? It will have to be amazing.

If you don’t know of Stellan be sure to check out My Charming Kids or watch this news story.