Or some of the reasons that I love the internet. I truly can’t cover ALL the reasons that I love it.

Google Reader

I stumbled upon Google Reader just a few months ago. If you track your blogs via a RSS feed this is THE WAY to go. It keeps track of the posts to not only blogs but other sites as well. You can then group our sites into categories and “star” items that you really enjoy. Plus, if there is a post you like you can “share” it or “tag” it for future reference. Google Reader is one of my best friends!


This is a great bookmarking site. Instead of having a bunch of bookmarks on your personal computer they are listed on a site. This can be accessed from any computer, so if you have more than one your bookmarks are available anywhere. It also has the capability to “tag” and “share” bookmarks.


Have you ever wished you didn’t lose contact with someone? This is a great way to keep in touch with others throughout your life, along with family members that may not live nearby. It has so many different options to secure who can access your identity and information about yourself.


A great tool for marketers. This micro-blogging service allows you to share with others links, photos, or just a statement. The great part is that it limits everything to 140 characters.

These are just a few of the daily tools I use on the internet to explore, find information, share information, and connect with others. What are some of your favorite tools?