Last night I read this article in the May Reader’s Digest. It listed 13 things your Mother-in-Law won’t tell you.  Being the mom of boys makes me more aware of what kind of relationship we will have once they are married. So many sons join the wives family and leave theirs in the dust.

Plus, this article made me think about my mother-in-law and her thoughts  about her children and their spouses. Some of the ones that stuck out for me were:

I’m in competition with your mother. She takes you on vacations every year and buys things I can’t afford. All I can do is love you and babysit for you. I hope that’s enough and that it’s appreciated.

I know he’s your husband now, but he’s still my son.

I spent a couple of decades being the leading lade; now I have a character role. It hurts to be downsized.

My dirty little secret: I’m afraid that if I don’t get this right, you’ll cut me off.

There are 25 more things listed here. Makes you think…… It makes me think that being a mother-in-law is a tricky relationship to balance. When you aren’t the mom….but almost.

I’m glad my kids are under 4!