Here are some more fun Freebies:

Gillette is giving away 500 razors a day for 31 days. 4/16-5/16. Go to their site to register. The razors are offered first come first serve starting at 12 noon EST.

Get a free sample of Kotex Ultra Thin Overnight pads with wings.

Go here to sign up for a free 2-year subscription to Parents magazine.


If you have preschoolers at your home or work with preschoolers, you can sign up here for a free sample pack of activities for preschoolers from 1-2-3 Preschool Projects.

On Tuesday, April 21st head in to your local Ben & Jerry’s scoop shop for FREE Cone Day! Between noon to 8 p.m on April 21st you can get a FREE scoop of your favorite flavor! Read all the details HERE.

KFC: KFC is giving away ONE FREE piece of their new grilled chicken on April 27th. More details and coupons Here.


Home Depot will be giving away 1 Million EcoSmart CFL Bulbs on Sunday, April 19th.

Check out the Links for the following Freebies Here:

~Listen to the Hannah Montana movie soundtrack free
~Free family fun! Find free attractions in your state
~Free sample laundry powder from Linens Limited
~Free sample of Babys Only Organic formula
~Free brand name samples from Freeflys
~Free Triple Flex Softgels sample from Nature Made
~Free Precious Places DVD from Fischer Price
~Free hanging folder from Tuff
~Free massage on tax day from HydroMassage
~$5 Bonus Bites card for purchases of $15-$25, $10 Bonus Bites for $25+ at TGI Fridays. Details
~Free stuff for the baby
~Full rebate for Nestle Good Start formula
~Free sample of Enfamil Nutramigen formula
~6 free wings from Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar
~Free Pet Party at PetSmart. Get a free goodie bag and a free digital photo with frame on April 21st from 6-8pm. Details
~Free Mr. Clean Magic Erasers
~Free Scrubbing Bubbles shower caddy
~Free Slim Fast coupons with registration
~Free healthy spring samples
~Free sample Flixsticks
~Free childrens album download from amazon

~Free gift from Disney on Earth Day. Details
~Free reusable tote from Earthbound Farm
~Free Natures Source All Purpose Cleaner
~Download rebate for a free Reynold’s Wrap 100% recycled aluminum foil on Earth Day.
~Green yourself with free Eco-Living tips
~Free CFL lightbulb from Home Depot on Sunday April 19th.
~Free sample from Origins when you bring in empty cosmetic containers.

~Free subscription to Prevention magazine
~Free subscription of your choice with Metamucil purchase Use with $1 coupon from 4/5 PG!
~Free magazine downloads from Amazon
~Free subscription to Kraft Food & Family (usually contains coupons!).