Here in Wisconsin, Spring is just beginning to arrive. There are so many great things about spring- Tulips, the freshness in the air, blooming of trees, birds chirping, and new life. There is also something I DREAD that comes with Spring- SPRING CLEANING!

During winter I tend to let things slide in the house. We collect things and they end up on the desktop, in the basement, hidden in a closet, and so many other possible places. Well, it is time to weed it all out!

Weeding is one of my MOST dreaded tasks. (Next to the laundry…..) What I am starting today is an all new Wednesday event- Weeding Out Wednesday! What am I weeding out? Old baby stuff, scrapbook supplies, papers, clothes, books, decorations, & anything else I can get my hands on plus there will probably be some weeding of the garden too!

I have to stop my Panic Attacks.We just have way too much stuff and it is overtaking out house. The funny thing is that my house is not at all like the ones on Oprah or Dr. Phil, because I just have sections (cabinets, basement, closets) that I choose to hide things in. Hidden from everyone and myself.  Here is some shots of the overwhelming monster:


I am going to start with the basement. We just cleared all the summer toys out of the basement and brought them outside so during the Spring rains is the perfect time to start. Although, my youngest feels a need to play with the furnace buttons anytime we go downstairs. ugh! This next week I am going to tackle as many small chunks of the basement as I can. So, stay tuned for next wednesday when I share what I may have found, how much I was able to accomplish, and any other good tidbits that may come along.

Thanks for joining me while I Weed Out of the mess….


What do you need to weed out? Leave a comment……

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