Well, it has been a week since I began my Weeding out Journey. I know in my first post I talked about tackling the basement this last week. I did tackle a small corner in which I produced a full load for my local Goodwill Store.


What did I accomplish in the last week?

  • I converted my son’s dressers and closet to all their spring/summer clothing and made a list of what is needed for the upcoming seasons.
  • I located the missing 2T clothing that my oldest wore. Of all places, it was packed with the 0-3 month clothing when my youngest was born. You can tell that I was tired and worn out since I didn’t take time to separate the two sizes.
  • I went through a small chunk of things in the basement and took a full load to Goodwill.
  • The laundry is all caught up, along with the pile of my husbands shirts that needed to be ironed. Since his shirts have been in my closet for 2 months waiting to be ironed, I ended up just taking them to the cleaners. I will just give up a meal “out” in order to fund the cost. WAY worth it in my opinion!
  • The pool/deck that was in our yard has been dismantled and the hole is slowly being filled. The pool has been relocated to my sister-in-laws and our hole is being filled with her dirt, so it will be in process for a while.


  • The front yard is beautifully covered with sod from sister-in-laws yard. Every night we have been out laying sod until 9:00 as my brother-in-law brings loads over. I can’t wait for it all to be done!
  • I think I accomplished a lot!! It may have not exactly followed the goal I set – The Basement. But, I did tackle a bit of that and am slowly working my way down there. It is such a monster that I can only handle small spurts of it anyways!!

    So, this is what I want to accomplish the next week:

    • Go through my laundry basket of papers that have been swept off of the desk. Plus, filing them
    • File all of my coupons away – Last week I cut the ones that interest me out of the booklets that have been cluttering my desk
    • Clean out the overwhelming magazine pile that has graced my bathroom.
    • Organize all my sons books that are in piles.
    • Spend at least 1 hour in the basement organizing another corner.

    Off to Weed out some more…..

    What did you Weed Out in the last week? Link to your post so we can all get motivated!!