You know how it goes when you are getting your hair done.

Gossip,a little catching up, and a little more Gossip…..

When your hair stylist is one of your good friends the conversation is non-stop.

At one point I was talking about my blog and explained Weeding out Wednesday and my journey to a clean, organize, de-cluttered life. At that point she said “You have to de-clutter?” in a sarcastic tone.

I just went on saying some more about blogging and didn’t acknowledge the comment.

I have been thinking about it ever since…..

Obviously others think I live a cluttered life – maybe it isn’t only me. I have a clean house, pick up things when others are around, but they still notice. I’m ashamed….

Maybe it is time to get rid of the used McD’s cup that my middle school crush drank out of….

Maybe it is time to weed through my old books……

Maybe it is time to get rid of every little trinket that could be used in a craft supply….

Maybe it is time to throw out the old tshirts from high school, the prom dress I wore, the dress I wore to my junior high farewell dance…..

It is time to remove the clutter from my life – NOW!  So, I am so glad that I started Weeding out Wednesday to help me do this. Stay tuned for drastic changes!