As part of my Weeding out Wednesday series I am participating in To-Do Tuesday and Tackle it Tuesday. Hopefully, this will help to keep me on track and motivated to cross things off my list!!

Even though last week was extremely busy I did manage to cross a few things off my list.  This week I am getting …..See how last week went.

So, here is my official To-Do list for the next week……

My To Do List:

Send in receipts to Flex spending

Laundry O O O O

Make Bill Binder

File Coupons

Pick up Graduation and Fathers Day gifts

Finish up Hubbys Fathers Day Gift

Write list of clothes that boys need

Make 100 cut out cookies for graduation party

Clean out boxes in office

Go through Bills/budget

Blog Posts:

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So Far I am going to start there….watch for my additions and progress on checking things off of the list! Plus, I will update as I Tackle things on the list!!!

What are you planning on tackling this week? Leave a comment….