Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog WAS NOT created by one of my favorite bloggers MckMama. You DO NOT need to head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week. But if you want to it is loads of fun……

It is so refreshing to share with you all the things that I DID NOT DO!

Not me! I wouldn’t do any of these things…or would I?

We did NOT go to a parade in a neighboring town and I DID NOT yell at a 8 year old for stealing candy from my child. I would NOT do that, or would I? I also did not see children going up to the cars in the parade and beg for candy. This WAS NOT dangerous in the littlest sense of the word along with a little pathetic. With these children there was NO WAY  that the parents were begging also.

There was not a float sponsored by a grocery store that was giving away cantalope, watermelon, and peaches. That float WAS NOT stormed by people which reminded me of pictures of starving people in Africa.

While waiting for the parade, I certainly DID NOT get this adorable picture of my youngest son.


My oldest DID NOT refuse to take pictures and when snapped would have an extremely ugly snarl on his face. We DID NOT have an awesome time on the holiday either.

At the BBQ at my parents my Mom DID NOT drive around her yard in the Escalade she bought my son for his birthday.


I also DID NOT take the entire day of Sunday to recover from the festivities. This DID NOT include sitting on the couch and watching TV. I WOULD NOT relax that way, would I?

I can not even believe that I you would think that I might DO any of this things; I DID NOT so you better wipe any thoughts that I would from your mind.

or DID I?