Finally, the busyness of summer has passed! Plus my oldest son is away for 4 mornings this week so I can get some stuff done!

So, here is my official To-Do list for the next week……

My To Do List:

Laundry O O O O

Clean out Laundry Basket of Papers in Office

Send out Birthday Thank You’s

Write 2 week meal plan

Set up Photos for the boys

Blog Posts:

Weeding out Wednesday

Freebie Friday

Focus Friday

Not Me Monday

Weight VLOG

MckLinking Blog Hop Post

My To Do List is finally not so overwhelming I actually feel like I can accomplish something! Check back to see how my week is going!

I want to tackle a project this week that is a little overwhelming. As I have talked about in my blog I have a HUGE project which is called my basement that is overwhelming me. I really want to tackle cleaning the “Craft” section of my basement. Check back tomorrow for Weeding out Wednesday to see how it turned out!

What are you planning on tackling this week? Leave a comment….