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Check out the first post where I start my journey of decluttering, cleanliness and order! The weeding out continues…….

So, yesterday I talked about tackling the craft section of my basement. Oh, the dreaded basement- the part of my house that makes my chest tighten, my breathing quicken, and my head spin. Maybe cleaning isn’t so good for your health……

Well, my oldest son is away in the mornings this week at Safety City. A program that is sponsored by our local police department that teaches kids about bike, pedestrian, internet, fire, and all kinds of other safety. Wow! Three hours a day for four days with just the little one. I knew I would get a lot done this week. So, yesterday I figured there was more than enough time to start to tackle the basement.

The dreaded basement……..

Remember these pictures of my craft area



Just a floor to ceiling pile of ridiculousness! (That’s a word, right?)

Well, the first thing that helped was the bounce castle in the middle of the room. My husband brought it outside for my sons birthday party in mid-June and found there was a hole in it. Off to the garbage it went! That made a HUGE difference in my drive to clean the basement. So, this is what the “Craft” corner looked like when I came downstairs yesterday.

Do you love the pile of scrapbook supplies I have on the floor – I  used to watch the show “CLean Sweep” on TLC all the time. Peter Walsh, now of Oprah fame, would help the couple go through all their items and decide wether they should be discarded, donated/sold, or kept. I always loved this quote by him, “The things you have in your home should be beautiful and useful.  What you have in your home should be honored and respected.” I sure am respecting my scrapbook supplies, aren’t I?

So, I set up a card table and started to weed through the boxes and piles on the floor. I was so excited when I found my Silver Sharpie that I was searching for only a month ago…….


Then I found this item that I took from my moms basement….


It’s an E-Z Bow Maker. Why I ever though I would need this is beyond me, but, it is time for it to go.

I went box by box and started to separate the things that were in the boxes. Found the hole punch I have been searching for, papers that had been crumbled and other various supplies that were mixed in with totally random items.

Part way through I had piles of things on my sorting table along with a Pepsi. As I reached for something the nearly full Pepsi was tipped….(ooooohhhhh, no – imagine in slow motion)

That helped me to weed out a lot of paper scraps that I knew that I didn’t NEED to keep but for some reason thought I SHOULD.

Two hours later the basement looked like this


Yes, it still isn’t as organized as I would like, but there is a HUGE improvement. Once the entire basement is picked up off the floor and a little organized I will go back and sort through boxes, etc…. that are neatly on the shelves.

I survived that project, so now I am

Off to Weed out some more…..

What did you Weed Out in the last week? Link to your post so we can all get motivated!!

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