Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog WAS NOT created by one of my favorite bloggers MckMama. You DO NOT need to head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week. But if you want to it is loads of fun……

It is so refreshing to share with you all the things that I DID NOT DO!

Not me! I wouldn’t do any of these things…or would I?

I DID NOT get pulled over by the police on the drive to Vacation Bible School and It WAS NOT because I was speeding. I DID NOT make the policeman feel bad for me because on my two loud boys in the back seat and I DID NOT manage to receive only a warning.

I DID NOT go swimming when it was only high 70’s and the pool was in the low 80’s. My oldest son WAS NOT shivering when he got out of the pool because the air temperature was so different.

This weekend we went to a graduation party  of some neighbors of my sister-in-laws. I DID NOT neglect to go to their first two kids parties in the past and I DID NOT plan to go at dinner time so I wouldn’t have to make supper. I also DID NOT call the kid “Doodle” instead of by his given name. (Doodle was his childhood knickname)

I DID NOT neglect to write this post until this morning as I usually write it throughout the week….and I DID NOT post my name on the list before I actually posted this on my site.

I can not even believe that I you would think that I might DO any of this things; I DID NOT so you better wipe any thoughts that I would from your mind.

or DID I?