The creator of Not Me Monday – needs your prayers……desperately.

Prayers for Stellan

So, in respect for Stellan, their son who is in grave condition, MckMama herself and the whole Mckfamily, as bloggers we have decided to give you a moment of silence.

In the past I wrote about Stellan here and here. I really feel for this mother and thank god that I have healthy children. You can read Stellan’s story here and get hourly twitter updates here.

I have SO many great ones this week, and will be sure to save them for next weeks installment, but have a hard time with humor right now.

So, I am asking a favor for all of you that come to my blog to laugh at the terrible things I let my children do and the funny things that happen to me. Take a moment to pray for this family.

Thanks! and be sure to check back next monday for two weeks of NOT ME’s!

Update: I want to link to Lisa’s post – it absolutely brought tears to my eyes. All too often we take for granted our children and how healthy they are. We complain about their sassiness, crabbiness, ability to not listen….and the list goes on. (I am so bad at this) After reading her post it made me go hug my kids – things can change in the blink of an eye. Go Hug your kids and tell them you love them!