Tuesday, how I love to get reorganized for the week ahead. Especially, when I have such an awesome week of getting stuff done!! I FINALLY finished reorganizing the office and only have a couple of things to put away now. I completed EIGHT blog posts last week (compared to maybe one or two), PLUS I made 10 jars of peach freezer jam and extra-good cleaned the kitchen. I am amazed with what I accomplish when I actually get off of the internet…..

I was thinking maybe I got so much done because I didn’t actually post a to-do list, but figured that I would do nothing then, so here it is:

My To Do List:

Love my kids and take time to play with them (a lesson from Stellan)

Go through last stacks in office

Laundry   O  O   O   O   O

Send out Birthday cards

Grocery list – menu

Go through pile of magazines

Blog Posts:

Weeding out Wednesday

TV Thursday

Featured Blog Friday

Freebie Friday

Not Me Monday

Reception Video Ready – Kellys Korner

So Far I am going to start there….watch for my additions and progress on checking things off of the list! Plus, I will update as I Tackle things on the list!!!

Be sure to read this article on Eating your FROG – definitely Laundry for me!!

What is your FROG? Leave a comment….