Check out this great Blog Carnival at We Are That Family where they share great tips, ideas and anything else that “works for you” to make life a little easier.

On the first Wednesday of the month it is themed and the theme for this Wednesday is Back to School. There are only 26 days until school begins here so we are in full force starting to get organized for the new school year. This year my oldest is in 4 year old Preschool and goes 3 morning a week. Last year school started at 10 am, this year it starts at 8 am. We are usually up by 7am but we like to wake up slowly by watching TV, having computer time, etc… and don’t usually get dressed until 8 am at the earliest. This year we really have to get our butts in gear. I am hoping to be showered by the time we leave (huge goal!).

To make mornings and evenings a little easier I decide on clothing on Sunday night. Every Sunday I spend an hour Organizing my week. I write my to-do list, menu, grocery/errand list, and look at the calendar for the week. Once school starts I also look at the tentative weather schedule. Then I pick out clothes and pajamas  for the upcoming week and put them in daily baskets. This makes the morning go SO much easier.

I also read another good idea for Sunday Night  that I think I am going to start implementing. At that time you should sit down with your spouse and talk about the to-do list, errands, calendar, and a do through a little financial update. I think this will help us all get on the same page!

What works for you? Post a comment with some great Back to School tips!