Last week I got my new TV Guide in the mail with the Season Premiere of the Family Fall shows. I wanted to talk about some of the shows that are coming out- this is exciting (am I a dork or what?)

First, there are some GREAT NEW children’s shows that I am excited about:

Dinosaur Train (Premiers 9/7, PBS): This will be great for my boys since they find Dinosaurs fascinating. If you are a fan of Sid the Science Kid, this show is supposed to be a companion. We love that show…so we can’t wait.

Sprout’s Wiggly Waffle (Premiers 8/24, Sprout): My youngest son is going to LOVE this- The Wiggles come to the States and host a 3-hour time spot of singing and dancing. Score for the 2 year old, not so much for the mommy.

Thomas & Friends (Premiers 9/8, PBS): A NEW version of Thomas the train is in this series- my boys never got into the original Thomas, so I can’t wait to see what they think of this show.

The Electric Company (Premiers 9/7, PBS): YEAH! I used to LOVE The Electic Company as a child…I even have their RECORD somewhere. This will be a great show for us to watch together and hopefully like Sesame Street I can relive some memories.

There are also some children’s shows that are returning…

Sesame Street (11/10, PBS)

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Cartoon Network) When you have a husband who is CRAZY about Star Wars….your boys will be too (at this point do they have a choice?)

And what is up for ME and the DVR this Week?

Neil Diamond – Hot August Night:(8/14, CBS): I have a secret love for Neil Diamond…..

Househusbands of Hollywood:(8/14,FOX Reality): This looked interesting….I’ll give it a try and see if it stays on the list…or is quickly deleted.

Masters of Reception:(8/17, TLC ): I saw a premiere of this during the summer. It is about a wedding reception site organizing weddings….kind of like Say yes to the Dress, but on a different wedding topic. Interestingly, it is produced by Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos

Flipping Out (Premiers 8/17, BRAVO): My husband and I LOVE Jeff Lewis and his unreasonsable expectations. The way he loses it when things aren’t exactly his way.

Top Chef:(8/18,BRAVO):  Who can’t love the cooking competition involved between chefs…..

Project Runway (Premiers 8/20, Lifetime): I just got into this show during it’s last season- it is FINALLY back!

I truly have a TV addiction that is a bit pathetic….but it makes me happy, so that is good, right?

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