Seven more days until school begins in my little neck of the woods….that means only seven days to get organized. I really don’t have anything planned, plus this weekend my husband has 3 fantasy football drafts so I can get a lot done. A big list this week!

My To Do List:

Inventory Freezer/Fridge/Pantry

Laundry    O  O O  O

Write list of summer events and things needed for each one

Label School Supplies

Type up MOPS notes

Spreadsheet of Blog giveaways

Cancel Dr Appt

Sign up for next Lowes Build and Grow

Make 1st day of school control journal page

Pick up silent auction item from church

Make DVD/pictures for Great Grandma

So Far I am going to start there….watch for my additions and progress on checking things off of the list! Plus, I will update as I Tackle things on the list!!!