It has only taken almost 3 weeks to post this – Sorry BJMama!!!

First of all I want to do my acceptance speech….

Thank you to all the wonderful people who read my blog, including my Feedburner SubscribersFacebook fans and Twitter Followers. I must thank my children who tirelessly find ways to get me off the computer buy writing on walls, fighting, smearing food into the carpet, and destroying furniture. My thanks also goes out to my husband who may not even understand what a blog is and why I “waste” my time doing it. I must also thank the wonderfully creative BJMama who nominated me for this award. Please stick with me for many more posts……

I want to share a few things you may find interesting about me…

1.)  I am really good at procrastination (you can tell how good I am from the lack of posts this month and my lateness in accepting this award)

2.)  I am addicted to collecting recipes

3.)  Everyone thinks I am really organized….but I don’t feel that way

4.)  I really LOVE pizza!

5.)  Cleaning is my least favorite thing to do

6.)  Football is a big love in our family…except we live in Wisconsin and are not Packer fans (I know, a sin) – We are 49er fans

7.) Fall is my favorite time of year

Because I am so late with this, I am not going to nominate anyone….because I am so embarrassed about my lateness. Oh, well….back to procrastination!