My sons have been watching Nemo this weekend and now that I have some momentum I feel like Dorie “Just keep swimming…..” I know….I have been such a slacker! But, I have been getting things done! This weekend I sorted through my children’s books, cleaned out on of the linen closets, and super cleaned the hallway! So, hopefully we can keep the momentum going…..

My To Do List:

Go through Freezer/Fridge/Pantry and make menu plan from there

Laundry    O  O  O  O

Go through pile of magazines

Write list of summer events and things needed for each one

Send in Menards Rebate

Email speaker for MOPS

Make cupcake pops for MOPPET worker thank you

Decide on dessert for MOPS meeting

So Far I am going to start there….watch for my additions and progress on checking things off of the list!

What am I going to tackle this week?

I REALLY need to sort through my RSS feeds…..over 1000 to go through on my google reader!

Here’s to a productive week!