Do you love to read blogs, online news, and other items that offer RSS feeds? Want an easy way to keep up with any updates and be organized while you do it? Then you definitely need to check out Google Reader.

I follow A LOT of blogs and I love to see who has updated and have a quick easy way to go through them! I am going to show you a couple of my favorite things about google reader. At the end of this post is a video that walks you through how to use it.

In this picture is a screenshot of my google reader page. On the right hand side you see all the categories of subscriptions with the number of posts to be read in parentheses. (I know….I have A LOT) The main screen shows the posts that are unread and you can scroll down to read them one by all. This is the expanded view, but you can also see the list view that just shows mainly the titles of the posts.

screen-capture-2This next shot shows what you can do with each posting.

Star It – for future ease to find

Like – this marks it across Google Reader

Share – Adds it to your public folder of “shared” items (You can see mine here) Once you look at someones shared items you can follow them and their shared items will show up in your google reader also

Share with Note – Here you can do the same as above with information you can add


Keep unread – this will mark it unread

Edit tags – the tags refer to the folders you use on the side


The next shot is of the right hand toolbar. There are different options for viewing your items.


Be sure to sign up for Google Reader and try it for yourself. Then sign up to be a subscriber to my blog by clicking on the subscribe in a reader button on the right hand side of my home page!


If you want more information be sure to watch this instructional video.

If you already have google reader and would love to Share your items be sure to post your link in the comments!