5 Essential MEme Items

I Cannot (Will Not) Survive Without …

on a daily basis,

on a deserted island,

with my kids in the car

(you choose!)

Tell us WHAT and WHY.


What don’t I use the internet for…connecting with friends, blogging, checking the news and weather, celebrity gossip, games,recipes, and more. I can almost connect anything I do to using the internet. My husband calls the computer “the other man” – sad, so sad, but so true!

2. My DVR

This is the greatest invention – and such a time saver. I don’t need to fumble with the silly VCR tapes like I did when I was in college. I can set something to record and don’t have to worry wether it is a repeat or not. Plus, I can set it to record a whole season of a show. Always something to watch on my listing…plus I don’t have to waste time during the boring parts of shows or the commercials.

3. Daily List

Every morning I need to make my list for the day – if I don’t do this I am completely useless for the day! I have a notepad that I made at the copy store. It includes several things on it:

        • Date
        • Birthdays/Anniversaries
        • What is going on today?
        • Errands
        • To Clean
        • To Call/Email
        • Things to talk to husband about
        • Bible Verse/Inspirational Quote
        • Must Accomplish
        • To Do
        • MOPS to Do’s
        • What’s for dinner?

without this list my day would be lost. Every Sunday I do a weekly review which includes looking at the weeks calendar, weather for the week, write to do lists, calls and emails to make, and finalizing the menu for the week. Anything to make the week go easier is good for me!

4. Pepsi

I am not a coffee drinker in the least sense of the word. I don’t enjoy the smell and certainly no the taste. I don’t even like coffee desserts. So, my caffeine fix in the morning is a Pepsi. Since I am currently trying to diet I still work my daily pepsi into my points list.


I feel for all the moms who have children that don’t nap. My two boys luckily do – the oldest takes an hour and a half and the younger one takes two to three hour ones. What would I do without this time that I use to recharge? I count my blessings everyday that I still have napping children.

Be sure to visit Adventures of a Wanna-Be SupahMommy for more Mommy survival lists! Thanks to BJ Mama to alerting me to this fabulous Meme.