I came across this video over the weekend and it really started me thinking…..

The video was produced as part of The Gratitude Challenge which was started as a 21-day challenge to help the participants take not of the brighter side of life.

I need to be more GRATEFUL. I tend to focus on everything that is going wrong in life and not enough on what is going right. So, I am going to join in Gratituesday which is hosted by Heavenly Homemakers. Each week I am going to post about my gratitude for the week- it may be about one thing, or just a listing. It will help me to focus on all the wonderful things going on in my life…..

1. I am extremely lucky that I can be a Stay at Home Mom and my husband is able to support us.

2. My boys are full of life and make me laugh.

3. I have great readers of my blog and enjoy every minute of it

4. We have had a warm fall here in Wisconsin and it has been very enjoyable!

5. Pumpkins, apples, and fall are some of my favorite things. It is amazing to see the beauty God creates every Fall when the leaves colors change.