Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog WAS NOT created by one of my favorite bloggers MckMama. You DO NOT need to head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week. But if you want to it is loads of fun……

I DID NOT trip on my sons train set on the floor, go flying across the Living Room and fall on my side. I DID NOT skid across the carpet and get a nasty rug burn on my elbow. Even though no-one saw, I WAS NOT embarrassed.

Every Thursday after my sons Soccer game we go to Culvers for supper. Last time we went we ordered and then while my husband filled drinks I set the youngest son in the high chair.  Right after I set him in the chair I gave him his drink in one of the disposable sippy cups. He DID NOT take the full cup of soda and squeeze it so hard that the top flew off he spilled soda all over himself. I DID NOT have to take him to the bathroom and wipe him down as best as I could. We managed to eat supper and I took the youngest with me while the oldest went with my husband.

I DEFINITELY DID NOT give my son the sippy cup (which was about a quarter full) in his car seat. As we rounded the building he DID NOT proceed to do the same thing as before and dump more soda on himself. I DID NOT pull into a parking spot, grab the cup out of his hand and chuck it across the parking lot. I then DID NOT remove him from the car and strip him down to his diaper in the middle of the parking lot. I WAS NOT extremely frustrated at that point.

I DID NOT post my weight last week on this post. After I published it I DID NOT immediately eat a sandwich after it. I also DID NOT wonder why my weight was 20 lbs less on the WII FIt than it ever was at the doctor office. I DID NOT feel upset that my number wasn’t more.

I WAS NOT excited when I saw a field trip permission slip in my sons backpack. I DID NOT immediately call my mom to arrange babysitting for my youngest son so I could chaperone.

My youngest son DID NOT fill his diaper while in the grocery store babysitting area. I DID NOT take him to the park without changing his diaper. My diaper wipes container WAS NOT empty. I DID NOT end up changing his diaper on the van floor in the preschool parking lot. I also DID NOT leave him only partially clean because of missing wipes,

I can not even believe that I you would think that I might DO any of this things; I DID NOT so you better wipe any thoughts that I would from your mind.

or DID I?