Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog WAS NOT created by one of my favorite bloggers MckMama. You DO NOT need to head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week. But if you want to it is loads of fun……

The weather here in Wisconsin DID NOT dip down to the 30’s and it DID NOT actually snow this past weekend. I DID NOT take a picture of myself in the snow to email to my parents that are on vacation in Las Vegas. I DID NOT actually think about posting the ridiculous picture that you could’t even see the snow flakes.

While changing my youngest son’s diaper, I DID NOT notice an ant parade across the living room baseboard. I DID NOT follow that parade to the entertainment center where there was some spilled juice trapping 20 ants in front of the TV. I DID NOT proceed to make a trip to WAL-MART and purchase every RAID ANT product know to man. I also DID NOT start feeling like I had ants crawling in various areas of my body. My husband DID NOT start his nightly Ant Patrol where he inspected the Living Room to see if there were any more ants. This DID NOT remind me of Earwig Patrol that he did when we first moved into the duplex we lived in shortly after getting married.

I AM NOT taking a cake decorating class at our local Hobby Lobby. I DID NOT once again try to convince myself that I actually think cake decorating was fun. While I was completing my homework I DID NOT get frustrated because it wasn’t going the way I wanted. I DID NOT debate skipping out on the rest of the classes. After I had made a huge PILE of dishes I DID NOT talk my husband into doing the dishes while I got the kids dressed for the day. He fell for my trick and I WAS NOT very happy since I DO NOT hate doing dishes.

This weekend our grocery store had a Pumpkin Festival. Festival Foods IS NOT the greatest grocery store. It WAS NOT only 30 degrees when we went to the festival and I DID NOT pressure my husband to hurry up and find our pumpkins. They DID NOT have a bounce house and petting zoo there. Being the mean mom I am, I DID NOT deny my children from going in the bounce house and discourage them from entering the petting zoo. I also DID NOT take a picture there and wonder why the two boys can’t coordinate a smile.


My husband DID NOT question my lack of blog posts last week. (I LOVE You hunny!) He DID NOT suggest that I may lose my readers and pretend that he WAS a blog expert. I DID NOT need a break last week from blogging due to the craziness of school and regular life. His little lecture DID NOT make me feel a little bit guilty. I DID NOT proceed to start the posts for the next week at that time

Halloween is only a couple of weeks away so I knew I DID NOT have to get the costumes figured out for the boys this year. I DID NOT purchase my youngest sons in August. He IS NOT going to be the cutest dragon you ever did see. As I tried to figure out what the oldest was going to be He DID NOT suggest a kninght so he could kill the dragon. Ok, he may have actually called it a soldier. I DID NOT think this was the best idea and I absolutely DID NOT discourage him from any other costume he suggested. I also DID NOT hide the costume catalog so he WOULD NOT stay a knight. I AM NOT absolutely thrilled for Halloween so I can see my knight and his dragon! I also AM NOT debating dressing the youngest son up when I take the oldest to his Halloween party.

I can not even believe that I you would think that my family and I  might DO any of this things; I DID NOT so you better wipe any thoughts that I would from your mind.

or DID I?