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As an experienced mom of a four and two year old I would love to share with five of my top baby items! As part of the Show Us Your Life series on Kelly’s Korner she is highlighting Baby Gear this week. Check here for other peoples reccommendations!

Formula Dispenser – We were a bottle feeding family and this made life so much easier. I think I even had 3 of these floating around the house. When mine were just newborn I would fill this up every night and leave it on my bedside with my pre-filled bottles of water. So easy in the middle of the night – just pour and shake!! You can also keep little snacks in in like cheerios when the kids get bigger!

Flip down Mirror- I have the Eddie Bauer Version of this mirror but it is very similar to this one. I use it still to this day. I can see exactly what is going on in the back seat without having to adjust the rearview mirror. So wonderful – especially now with preschoolers that have trouble keeping their hands to themselves. These are the EYES I have in the BACK of my head!!
BOPPY Pillow- There are so many uses for this. When we were trying to breastfeed we used this all the time to help hold the baby up. It worked to prop the babies in when they were napping or when they were just learning to sit up. Plus, since I had c-sections this helped relieve the stress on my cut while I held my little ones!
Box Fan – This is a great way to add white noise to your little ones room. Our kids wouldn’t be complete without it!!
Monitor – We have a monitor in each of our kids rooms. That way we know anything going on. With our first son we had a unit with 2 other units that had replaceable batteries. We keep one unit in our bedroom and the other in our living room. With our second son we bought another monitor that had 2 units and the batteries would charge while the unit was plugged in. That was like heaven to us! If we had another child I would definitely invest in the video unit. There were so many times that I wished I knew what was actually going on in the room but didn’t want to check. This would save that.
Anything I would do differently?
Definitely – I would get a high chair that can be hooked to a chair instead of an actual high chair. So much easier!
What wouldn’t I recommend?
I never used my bottle warmers, wipes warmer, and Diaper Genie. In theory these things sounded great but never got used. It was just easier to use room temp water in our bottles, wipes straight from the package and carry the stinky diapers out to the garage.


There is a challenge going on at the Sisterhood of the shrinking jeans and it is all about weight loss. Weight loss is something I have definitely been thinking about and NEED to do. I went to the doctor last week for the first time since my son was born (2 years ago).  I weighed 201 pounds. Can you believe I just shared that? I know, I was DISGUSTED. What was worse was that later in the day I was telling my sister in law and my neice responded, “Oh, is that all? I thought it was more.” Seriously, dagger in the heart.

So, I am about to start and use the Shrinking Days of Summer as my catalyst…..stay tuned for progress reports, highs and lows, my analysis of why I gained weight and bad eating confessions!


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