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Week One has come and gone! According to the scale it was a success!! I am down 4.3 lbs. YEAH!!!

9/25/09  – 189.7 lbs

10/2/09  – 185.4 lbs

WOW! I am so excited!! I don’t have any tips (I actually didn’t even give it that good of a try). Now, can you just imagine if I give it 100%!

How did your week go?


Here starts my new journey….and I am bringing you all along. Partially for humiliation reasons & in turn support and maybe I will even inspire someone along the way!

So, I am going to use my WII Fit as my measurement tool until I can get an accurate scale. The “ghetto” scale (as my husband says) will just not do anymore. You know what is my ABSOLUTE favorite part of the WII FIT. The part when you get on the board and it is about to calibrate and it says “OOOO” in a really high voice. I always feel like it is squeaking under the pressure of my immense weight!

So, I am going to drag out my old weight watchers stuff and do the points thing along with exercise. I just can’t cut off my favorite foods or else I will go nuts so the key will have to be moderation! This is my plan for now and I will let you know how that works.

To this point I haven’t posted a lot of pictures of myself – know why? I’m ashamed. I can’t believe I have reached the weight I have. Here is a recent picture from a friend at a fall festival we attended.


It makes me sad to look at it. Lately I notice that it is harder to do things, I get tired more easily, and I just am not comfortable in my skin. I wanted to provide you a history of my weight gain the last 16 years.

1993-Graduated High School – 100 lbs

1998-Graduated College – 130 lbs

1999-Got Married – 140 lbs

2000- Husband has cancer – 150 lbs

2005- Get Pregnant with 1st son – 165 lbs

2007 – Get Pregnant with 2nd Son – 180 lbs

2009 – Today – 189.7 lbs

Notice how it progressively has raised…..Plus, according to the doctors office my scale is about 15 lbs off so that means I really weigh 205 lbs. YUCK!

I am not going to focus on the number though- it is all about how I FEEL! So, come along with me on this weight loss journey. My goal is about 1.5 lbs per week so I can try to get around 130. That’s my ultimate goal, but when I hit 170- I am celebrating that all on my own. (When I refer to weights they are all WII realized weights)

So, the 170 goal I am shooting to hit by Christmas! I am hoping you follow me on this journey and feel free to leave a comment with your weight loss struggle, goal, or even story.

No, I have to go chomp on some carrots……

There is a challenge going on at the Sisterhood of the shrinking jeans and it is all about weight loss. Weight loss is something I have definitely been thinking about and NEED to do. I went to the doctor last week for the first time since my son was born (2 years ago).  I weighed 201 pounds. Can you believe I just shared that? I know, I was DISGUSTED. What was worse was that later in the day I was telling my sister in law and my neice responded, “Oh, is that all? I thought it was more.” Seriously, dagger in the heart.

So, I am about to start and use the Shrinking Days of Summer as my catalyst…..stay tuned for progress reports, highs and lows, my analysis of why I gained weight and bad eating confessions!


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